Patient Care

We Care About Our Patients

Patient care and well being is our utmost concern.

We are a full service professional medical facility.
Walk-in patients welcome!
Sick Visits seen same day on a priority basis. Few open spots left everyday just for this purpose.
Same day appointment available on most days.
Evening hours on Mondays till 6:00pm.
Early Hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and fridays at 7:30 am.
MUHIMA offers an Anti-Aging program as well as may others.
General practice services are always available.

Preventative Methods

Onsite Immunizations

For your protection against Pneumococcal Pneumonia and the Flu we can vaccinate you here. Pneumococcal pneumonia can be serious and symptoms can last for weeks. Pneumococcal pneumonia can put you in the hospital. In some cases, it can even lead to death.

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Onsite labortory technicians

For your convenience we save you time and travel by providing this service on location, Most lab test are drawn here at our office. We will schedule an appoint for your physician to go over the reults of your test.

  • CBC
  • Cholesterol Test
  • Blood Clotting Tests
  • Thyroid function test
  • Blood Tests to Evaluate Liver
  • Blood Chemistry Screen
  • Calcium Tests
  • Iron Tests
  • Cardiac Blood Tests
  • Adrenal Hormone Tests


I was always in good health however when that changed I was blessed to find a doctor that was more interested in truly helping his patients than the dollar he made from them. It's been over a decade that I've been a patient of Dr. Malik and will always be as long as I have a heartbeat. Mullica Hill Medical and Wellness PC make you feel safe and keep you in good health. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Al Smalls
My family and i have been going to Dr. Malik since we moved into the area 5 years ago. I had MRSA, being new to the area, not sure what i had, no Dr. would see me, i was told to go to the ER. But I found Dr. Malik, with minutes I had an appointment, and his wife and himself cured me without me having to go into a hospital with the proper med's. Also, i have my blood work done every 3 months. Dr. Malik sits down and explains each test to me. My triglycerides were over 1000..yes, 1000 and within 3 months Dr. Malik was able to help me get them down to 86 with the proper med's and diet! He and his wife are outstanding doctors, who care about their patients. I highly recommend him.
Satisfied Patient
Dr. Malik is the first doctor I have had in 49 years that has great bed side manners, he listens to what you are telling him, he treats you with respect and not like you are just another number but most of all he spend the time with you and he is the best at diagnosing your concern. In the years I have been a patient of his I never had to return because of something he wasnt sure of or was not corrected in the first visit. He has opened my eyes to benefits of vitamins and horomonal therapy. After blood results he went over my defecentcies and started me off in therapy and I havent felt this good in years!!!!
February 10th, 2015
Thank you Dr. Malik and Staff
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