Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation

Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation

How is it used?

Comprehensive Metabolic evaluation is done using various tools including basic blood test, EKG, body composition analysis and special tests. Most physicians order the comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) is used as a broad screening tool to evaluate organ function and check for conditions such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease. Other mentioned tests are done for detailed analysis and planning of the management for preventing many medical conditions. Don't settle for just basic evaluation, get the detailed evaluation done for optimizing your health.

When is it ordered?

The CMP is routinely ordered as part of a blood work-up for a medical exam or yearly physical. While the individual tests are sensitive, they do not usually tell a health practitioner specifically what is wrong. The detailed metabolic workup is also ordered at the initial visit and then follow up tests may be ordered for periodic evaluation once treatment starts. Any abnormal test may lead to further workup too. This is discussed at length in the lab follow up appointments. We do not just call in that the results are normal or abnormal, but we believe in making you part of the discussion about your health and would like to have one-on-one discussion about the implications, plan and follow ups at the LabFollow visit.


He's the best doctor I've ever had. Dr. Malik has really earned the letters (MD) at the end of his name. This doctor touches your soul with compassion and understands your health situation. No matter what your health condition is Dr. Malik has a plan that incorporates his education, 23 years of experience, bedside manner and most of all common sense. He is one of the sharpest pencils in the box. I could only pray for more like him.
June 27, 2017
Al, Smalls
My family and i have been going to Dr. Malik since we moved into the area 5 years ago. I had MRSA, being new to the area, not sure what i had, no Dr. would see me, i was told to go to the ER. But I found Dr. Malik, with minutes I had an appointment, and his wife and himself cured me without me having to go into a hospital with the proper med's. Also, i have my blood work done every 3 months. Dr. Malik sits down and explains each test to me. My triglycerides were over 1000..yes, 1000 and within 3 months Dr. Malik was able to help me get them down to 86 with the proper med's and diet! He and his wife are outstanding doctors, who care about their patients. I highly recommend him.
Satisfied Patient
I was recommended to Dr. Malik by my daughter and I'm glad I went. Dr Malik's staff is wonderful and he was able to get me a much needed change in my medication. He really is one of a kind.
June 2016
Loretta Murray
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